Works by Dima Koskin

Feature.Blog 2023
A collection of interesting web projects and opinions on frontend development and design.
Forest Green 2022
It's a web application to explore the standard HTML colors.
"Forest Green is a poetry of color"
— Kristoffer Tjalve
Works like a standalone app if you add it to your home screen on your phone.
It's adapting look for system accessibility features like dark mode or high contrast.
Darning Space 2022
A website for clothes repair studio.
U1-MA 2021

A mindfulness app for iPhone.

There are no guides, sounds or figma template design. Just smooth animation and the haptics to help control breathing.

The timer in the app is completely optional, meditation can last as long as necessary.

The app is totaly private. No singups.

Everything syncronizes through the Apple Health.

App Store: Free
Sequential Shots 2021
A vanilla carousel web component that I've made for my blog.
A python library to manage tags on macOS.
mdfind 2020
A python library that wraps mdfind.
Natasha Trusova 2020
A website for an English teacher.
Blog 2019
Бумага 2019

An unofficial telegram bot that publishes the latest news from*

* A local newspaper in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I turned it off at some point in 2021 when I stopped reading the news. But website is still alive.
Полка 2019
A command line interface for
A python library that wraps Polka API.
Github: dmkskn/polka
Isle 2019

A python libary that wraps the TMDb API.

Github: dmkskn/isle
Meduza 2019

A python libary that wraps the Meduza API*.

*The project is archived and probably doesn't work anymore.

Github: dmkskn/meduza